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Why I Loved Having 2 Under 2

When people see how close in age my boys are, I usually get looks and compliments about how I must be so brave – but the fact of the matter is that I absolutely loved having my boys so close together! Having two under two is hard, but just like any age gap, there are so many pros that I found to outweigh any of the hard times. For anyone else who may be expecting another babe with a baby already at home, I hope this can help ease your nerves. I know I was looking for opinions are experiences when I was in that same boat, so here are just some of the reasons why I loved having two under two.

1. It’s so easy to reuse everything!

Having 2 under 2 means that all that gorgeous baby stuff you recieved for your first shower is still relatively new! So many of the clothes, toys, and gadgets can be used the second time around without having to be put in the attic before taking it down again.

2. You’re already in the zone!

Having a baby puts you in a daze – lets just face it. At least when you have 2 under 2, you can get it all over with in one shot!

3. You are nicer to yourself!

As a new mom, so many of us are constantly worrying and carrying so much mom guilt. With the second, we have been there and done that we clearly remember that guilt and how we got over it!

4. Your first child will learn to be more independent!

Ryland was a great big brother from day one and I truly think that having a baby in the mix helped him to learn to play more independently while my attention was divided between them & to learn to help me in taking care of his brother.

5. They can do so much together!

Bath time? Throw them both in. Nap time? You’re both going down to sleep! I loved the fact that being so close, they are going through many life stages together, meaning I have to deal with everything only one time!

6. You know what products are winners!

With new products out on the market so regularly, it can get crazy trying to find what works best for your family. Once I found it all with my first son, I could use the same products with my second & knew that they would be amazing!

One of those products that I just love so much and trust with boy my son’s is the DESITIN Maximum Strength Original Paste. Finding products that I know work so well and effectively treat issues like diaper rash immediately – and with two in diapers you deal with that quite a bit! – is something to brag about! Sharing with ya’ll my go-to’s are why I’m here and I want to save you the trouble of going through product after product with no success. This is truly a winner and has been a staple in my diaper bag and changing table since the beginning almost 3.5 years ago now!

When having babies, unfortunately we are gonna deal with problems like diaper rash & it can be sad and scary when it happens. I always felt so horrible watching my kids go through it, so that’s why its so vital to find a cream that really works well! DESITIN is amazing also because they educate us mamas on what we need to do to help our babies quickly. You can learn about how their diaper rash creams work & how you can prevent and treat the rash area.

Do you have 2 under 2? How was your experience?

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    Julie Hood


    I have a one wk old and a 20-month old, so this is super encouraging to hear since we’re already started down that path!! Haha 🙂


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